Gamesalad Starters!

Gamesalad, the easiest game creation platform for beginners in the mobile industry

Gamesalad Training

Individual or Classroom coaching


  • Introduction to Gamesalad
  • How to get your idea from the mac/windows to the appstore
  • Create engaging games with minimum coding knowledge
  • Design a simple game app using Gamesalad
    and where available, deploy onto iOS devices for testing
  • App-store publishing knowledge
  • Tips and Tricks to create apps with maximum speed and
    minimum effort.
  • Focus on hands-on creation and deployment with minimal theory, utilizing free software 
It’s amazing. Gamesalad allows the average user,(you and me) to not only create quality games but also sell them for profit on the iOS Appstore and google Playstore.Our course gives you beginner level training to get you started and give you a strong foundation in creating and distributing mobile game apps.
Many Gamesalad programmers have successfully launched amazing iOS and android apps on the Apple Appstore and Google Playstore. The relatively short learning curve and flexible drag and drop interface allows many newcomers in the industry to quickly grasp the concepts of game design and distribution.
Gamesalad is now available on Mac and Windows, this allows for almost anyone to get in on the action!

We also conduct our workshops internationally!
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