Seminar-How Technology Benefits the SME

Do you need to trim weight and speed up your business operations in this SME manpower crunch?

Our seminar
How Technology Benefits the Small and Medium Enterprise

Gives you the SME owner, insight and knowledge into how to move forward with lean operations, both for production and administrative functions.

Our Singapore government has recently introduced measures to curb reliance on foreign labour, this might pose a threat into your operations if you’re not prepared! Effective companies are able to rely not only on alternative sources of staffing, but also to latch on to current low cost technologies to manage and simplify your operations.


  1. Basic HR concepts
  2. Understanding Singapore government’s funding framework
  3. Understanding your operational process
  4. Identifying areas for improvement
  5. Improving processes with technology

Register now, and see how you can survive any manpower crunch without sacrificing operational quality!