MS Excel / Open Office Training

MS Excel/Open Office Training

excel/open office training

  • Introduction to MS Excel/Open Office
  • Working with Cell and Cell Data
    • Cell references
  • Managing Data and Content
    • Making amendments
    • Understanding Ranges
  • Modify Row and Column Formats
    • Formatting
    • Merging data
  • Managing Workbook
  • Previewing and Printing
  • Basic Formula and Functions
    • Data protection
  • Working with Charts
  • Tips & Tricks

Database management is a key factor to the success of many businesses. It not only allows you to execute marketing campaigns, you can also use your databases to create mobile apps for your staff/customers to access!
Our intention for delivering this course is to give your employees a working skillset which can be immediately deployed to the workplace on MS Excel/Open Office.

We also conduct our workshops internationally!
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